What can the JJSVA do for me?

We give free independent advice and support to those seeking it and ensure that progress is monitored and the necessary assistance provided and sourced through to resolution.

What is the JJSVA?

It is an Association run by former service personnel to look after the interests of serving and former service personnel of the British armed forces and their families in Jersey.

What services are part of the JJSVA and does that include part time reserves and Territorial Army?

The tri-service (Navy, Army and Royal Air Force) is covered and this includes current full time members, Reservists, Territorial Army and former service personnel.

How do I get in touch with the JJSVA about a confidential matter?

We can be contacted by clicking here and in case of emergency we have a 24hr mobile number 07700804833, all enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

Is the JJSVA a registered charity?

No, we are currently registered as a non-profit organisation or (NPO), however we will be registering as a charity in the not too distant future.

Do you have to join the JJSVA and become a member?

We do not have a membership scheme, so as to afford everyone that is entitled to use our services access to them.

Is there a fee for any service or advice provided by the JJSVA?

No, our services are free to all that are eligible to use them.

Does the JJSVA accept donations?

Yes we do, any cheques can be made payable to the JJSVA. Please contact us by clicking here for further information on how to donate.

Do your committee members have service experience?

Yes, all committee members are former full time members of H.M. Armed Forces.

Does the JJSVA have any merchandise for sale?

Yes, we do have wristbands and polo shirts, which are made to order. Please contact us by clicking here with the size and colour requested and we will get back to you with details and cost.